Organizational Culture at Amazon.

The Amazon Company exhibits a market culture since it gives utmost focus to market stability and control but with an external orientation. The company constantly motivates the employees and ensures stability and control of the market. The company considers companies’ ways as poor habits and, therefore, teaches its employees to learn how to solve problems. Besides, the secret phone directory ensures that every employee and boss is ever doing something geared towards increasing the company’s productivity. The company’s gross attention is on the customers that the company gives little attention to the employees. Most employees resign after few years of working with the company. Other employees get fired after suffering minor or major personal crises as these are unproductive. The company is result oriented, and the employees who experience or suffer from miscarriages, cancer, and other personal crises have reduced productivity detrimental to the company’s objective of attaining the best competitiveness in the market. Additionally, employees toil till late in the night to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The organizational culture of the has been transferred from generation to generation of the employees. Numerous objects are available to ensure the transfer. Immediately an employee passes an interview, interviewers tell the new employees to leave their old work habits learned from previous workplaces and instead learn new Amazon singular working procedures.

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