Outline on Of international/ global building.

The Chrysler building Case Study Chrysler Building The Chrysler building is one of the world’s most famous architectural landmarks. Located in New York City, the building was designed by an architect named William Van Allen. Construction of the Chrysler building began in 1928 and was concluded in the year 1930. Originally designed for a contractor known as William Reynolds, it was later bought by Walter P. Chrysler, hence the name (Stravitz 5-10). The building undoubtedly paints a picture of modern ingeniousness and triumph of technology.

Figure 1 External view of the Chrysler Building Retrieved from http://gonyc.about.com/od/photogalleries/ss/chrysler_building_5.htm

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Outline on Of international/ global building.
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Climatic and Ecological Considerations

The Chrysler building has 3,862 operable windows, which facilitate natural ventilation. Building aeration is further supported by air con systems (Wood and Salib 17). The building has facades partly made of expansive clear glass and they increase light intensity during the day (Straube and Straaten 4). Natural ventilation and day lighting facilitate energy saving. Thicker walls and insulation also enhance the building’s energy efficiency.

Technological Factors

Brickwork for the Chrysler building is designed to resemble automobiles, and there are inbuilt hubcaps that were used in the 1929 Chrysler cars. At the point where the building meets the crown, there are huge radiator caps that emphasize the building’s graceful external curve (Romeo 2).

Figure 2 The Chrysler Building Steel Façade retrieved from http://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/specification/cpd-materials-for-corrosion-resistant-and-hygienic-drainage/8648196.article

Economic Factors

The Chrysler Building is used for commercial purposes entirely and this was the case even in the past. This primarily includes business offices and other commercial ventures.

Public Health Considerations

The entrance to the Chrysler building comprises of revolving doors, which would make it easy to exit the building in case of an emergency. There are also adequate emergency exits and sufficient emergency lighting.

Figure 3 Chrysler Building Entrance retrieved from http://gonyc.about.com/od/photogalleries/ss/chrysler_building_2.htm

Socio-cultural Aspects

The Chrysler building has several distinctive socio-cultural elements. For instance, its decorative steel gargoyles look like hood ornaments used on Chrysler cars and traditional gargoyles associated with Gothic churches and cathedrals (Ho 9). The gargoyles merge the traditional gothic style with the contemporary art deco style. The building interior is also decorated using Egyptian motifs and there is a ceiling mural in the lobby depicts symbols of development like planes, buildings and snippet scenes of Chrysler’s vehicle assembly line.

Figure 4 a ceiling mural in the lobby and the actual Chrysler building lobby

Retrieved from http://gonyc.about.com/od/photogalleries/ss/chrysler_building_4.htm

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