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Parenting today | Social Science homework help
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Applied Final Project- “Your Lot in Life” 

You will be writing a paper about one of these scenarios.  You will select the scenario!  

  1. You      are expecting your first baby and are thinking about sleeping      arrangements. You have heard of the concept of “the family bed”      and are considering having the baby sleep with you and your spouse.
  2. You      are expecting your first child and are interested in breastfeeding your      baby. You would also like to return to work relatively soon. You have to      decide how valuable breastfeeding is and whether you can work and      breastfeed.
  3. Your      12-year-old step-daughter tells you that you are not her real mother (or      father) and can’t tell her what to do.
  4. You      are extremely concerned because your 11-year-old son has been suspended      from school numerous times for fighting. He just can’t seem to get along      with other children.
  5. You      and your spouse have just decided to divorce. Your 7-year-old is very      upset about this change.
  6. Your      parents were over for dinner the other night. Your 6-year-old did not want      to eat the beans you served, or the fish. Your parents said that you      should have insisted that he/she should have had some, and that you should      insist on this as a regular practice in your home.
  7. Your      9-year-old is frequently sad and feels that nobody likes him/her. A friend      has just suggested that maybe he/she is suffering from childhood      depression.
  8. Your      daughter is having a great deal of difficulty in school. You think she may      have learning disabilities. You would like to get the school system to      evaluate her and help plan a program for her.
  9. Your      2-year-old has not begun speaking yet.
  10. Your      6-year-old still wets the bed almost every night.
  11. Your      6-year-old has just been diagnosed with  Attention Deficit      Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
  12. Your      9-year-old daughter has begun menstruating and you are concerned about the      effects of early puberty on her social development.
  13. You      have noticed behavioral changes in your 14-year-old and are concerned that      he/she may be using drugs or alcohol.
  14. You      are expecting your first child. You and your spouse are beginning the      search for good daycare.
  15. You      are considering home-schooling your child. You need to get enough      information to actually start home-schooling your child.
  16. Your      14-year-old daughter accidentally leaves her purse open in the family room      and you see a package of birth-control pills.
  17. You      have discovered that your 12-year-old has been downloading and viewing      pornography on the Internet.  
  18. While      putting away laundry, you find a box of condoms in your 15-year-old’s      room.
  19. It is      February.  Your 18-year-old, who is graduating in May, has not      completed any college applications or expressed any plans for life after      high school.
  20. You      find a bottle of vodka under your 18-year-old’s bed. 
  21. Your      16 year old comes into the house after attending a party, smelling of      cigarettes and marijuana.
  22. Your      18-year-old insists on marrying his/her high school sweetheart at      graduation, although receiving several full scholarships to various      colleges, as well as several promising internships.  In addition, the      sweetheart is a LOSER!
  23. Your      17-year-old announces that s/he is about to become a parent.
  24. You      and your spouse do not agree about whether parents can argue in front of      their children.

Part 1: Setting the Scene (25 points, 5%)

Choose one of the Lot of Life scenarios. You should elaborate on the scenario by writing a letter to a relative or close friend or a diary/journal entry from the perspective of a parent writing about his or her child. Your letter/diary should explain what happened in detail, identify the issues you will need to consider and research in coming up with a solution, and a plan of action for how you will deal with the situation.

Your paper should have a cover sheet that lists your name, the question section number, and the scenario you have chosen. Your paper should be double spaced and use a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman, 12 pt). Written as a letter or diary/journal entry, Meets 1-2 page single spaced length requirement



Description of what happened

5 points

Excellent, detailed, and clear description of parenting   scenario


Identification of parenting issues that need to be   explored

10 points

Comprehensive and clear analysis of what issues need to be   researched or explored


Plan of action for dealing with the situation

5 points

Comprehensive and detailed description of plan of action   for dealing with the situation

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