Peer review

Peer Review Peer Review The evolving nature of the modern business environment has transformed the nature of management. Managers have to develop a wide range of skills in order to fulfill their mandate effectively. One of the skills needed is research methods. The post has succeeded in demonstrating the importance of research for modern managers. As a result, it has accomplished its aim of highlighting the need for managers to understand research methodologies. In spite of their career, all managers would improve their performance significantly by developing their research skills (Mann, 2013). The use of a journal to support the statement has demonstrated its credibility. In addition, the research processes have been listed to enhance clarity and ease of understanding. Consequently, one of the major strengths of the post is that the student has presented the preferred argument in a clear and convincing manner.

Another impressive feature in the post involves the use of a specific example. Aviation maintenance officers carry out an important role in the aviation industry. The safety of passengers and the reputation of the airline depend on their ability to perform their roles effectively. The safety of passengers is an important concern in the aviation industry (Larsen, Sweeney & Gillick, 2012). In addition, the information provided influences key management decisions. As a result, the importance of research methods in this role is clear.

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However, the post also has a significant weakness. The post has failed to link the different personality qualities mentioned with research process and how their ability to enhance the quality of the research. In the opening paragraph, the student has stated that technical managers have six qualities that enable them to ensure the safety of the processes that they are involved in. According to Fruhen, Mearns, Flin, & Kirwan (2013), the six qualities are. interpersonal leadership skills, personality, problem solving, safety knowledge and motivation. Although this statement is actually correct and is relevant to an aviation maintenance officer, the student has failed to demonstrate its relationship with the rest of the article. The qualities have merely been mentioned before moving on to a personal experience. The anomaly could have been avoided by demonstrating the relationship between the six qualities and the research process. For instance, the personality of a manager may influence their approach to research problems. Different mangers have varying approaches to research processes (Gill & Johnson, 2010).

The post is not only clear and informative but also serves as a rallying call for modern managers to invest in developing research skills. Although all professionals are required to demonstrate a mastery of research methods as part of their coursework, most of them fail to implement them in their work. Managers are expected to make important decisions that may affect the ability of the organization to achieve its goals. In particular, those involved in technical fields make decisions that may have a real impact on the safety of their customers. As a result, research is an important part of the management function in any modern organization (Bryman & Bell, 2007). Even in Hosea 4: 6, God says that people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. As a result, it is clear that knowledge is important for any human being. In a professional environment, knowledge can only be obtained through effective research.


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