Perceptions and Expectations of Nursing Practice

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Perceptions and Expectations of Nursing Practice. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. I intend using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle to provide an understanding of this incident. The reason for this choice is that the Gibbs Reflective Cycle is a suitable model for reflecting on incidents that occur to an individual and the possible impact this experience has on the future activities of the individual (Reflective Practice).

I was posted in a ward that cared for both male and female adult patients in keeping with my choice of posting. After nearly a month of my posting, a Moslem woman was admitted into my ward. She was forty-eight years old. She was suffering from diabetes mellitus and had not maintained her diet, exercise, and insulin regime. As a result, she had developed an ulcer at her right calf. Her treatment included injections of insulin, a strict diet and medicated dressings and positioning of the infected foot.

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Perceptions and Expectations of Nursing Practice
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Once she was settled in her bed I attempted to communicate with her. I found her totally unresponsive. I was irked, more so irritated with this uncooperative patient. I decided I would do the needful and if she cooperated well and good for her. I had to record her blood pressure immediately. I tried to tell her that I needed to take her blood pressure. She hardly paid heed to her. I decided that there was no point in talking to her and got down to the business end taking her blood pressure. The moment I touched her, she became violently demonstrative. Fed up with the situation I went to the nursing supervisor to complain about the uncooperative patient.

The nursing supervisor decided to come and see for herself. I found my patient willing to meet the eyes of my supervisor, but not responding to anything she said. A little later the supervisor turned around and told me that the&nbsp.patient did not understand English. The supervisor took her blood pressure the patient did not remonstrate but appeared unhappy about me hanging around. That gave me the impression that the patient did not like me.&nbsp.

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