Intel Company is a technological company that deals mainly with electronic appliances supplying to customers in different countries. Economically, the company contributes towards the country’s revenue through the sale of its products and also through the provision of the energy-saving and cost-saving products. This helps in improving the economy and also to improve the standards of living for the citizens. Socially, Intel Company is involved in various activities that are aimed at rewarding the customers and the community at large.

Sustainability performance reporting refers to the evaluation of a company’s performance based on the economic, social and environmental factors that affect the business on its day to day operations. A report on sustainability of a company also provides the core values that govern its operations and also its corporate social responsibility. Sustainability performance reporting is a very crucial aspect in any organization due to the fact that it assists in change management with an aim of achieving a sustainable economy one that encompasses the profitability aspect with the ethical, social and environmental aspects. Financial performance reporting on the other hand, refers to the determination of various financial aspects: assets, liabilities and the equity capital. These factors are vital in financial reporting. When reporting the financial performance of a company various financial statements are considered, an income statement reports on the gains or losses made in a given year. A balance sheet also known as the statement of financial position shows the company’s assets and debts and it also shows the ability of the company to use its assets in settling its liabilities. Another financial statement is the statement of cash flows which report the company’s cash inflows and outflows.

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