Performance of emerging financial markets 

performance of emerging financial markets Thank you in advance for the help! The recent recession has led to the downfall of many financial companies, banks, manufacturing companies and stock markets all over the world. Companies have been wiped out or taken over, property rates have crashed and gold prices have soared in the past one-two years. The situation has however not been too grave in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, UAE, and Argentina. The subprime crisis which was the cause of the economic meltdown did not affect emerging markets to a great extent. This was possible because the lending policies in these countries were strict and banks and financial companies could not lend to people with bad track records.

At a time when the global economy is reeling under one of the worst recessions and uncertain market conditions, there is an urgent need to study and analyze in detail the possibility of predicting the performance of markets. This prediction assumes more importance under emerging market conditions. When many companies and banks have gone bankrupt in the developed world, surprisingly, in the case of emerging markets, this has not been witnessed. In this study, we will examine certain companies and their financial statements for the previous five years and see if we can arrive at a conclusion about the relevance of predicting the future of emerging markets.

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Performance of emerging financial markets 
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The results of the study would not only be beneficial to students, researchers and economists but also to decision making bodies that might be planning huge investments in emerging markets. The need for the hour is a stable global economy and this can be achieved only if there is a very low level of risk and uncertainty when huge investments are made by individuals, business houses and governments.

Not much literature is available about the results of previous research in the field of predicting emerging markets based on the performance of companies.

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