Personal Finance- Heath insurance.

Heath insurance. Health Insurance Service in Qatar Introduction Health insurance is crucial for a country, its economy and its people. Qatar has made health insurance compulsory for each and every of its people. The people who are working deserve a good health care for themselves and their families. There are several health insurance companies in Qatar. The focus will be on the government’s health insurance service by outlining its weaknesses and strengths.


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Personal Finance- Heath insurance.
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The government’s health insurance, The National Government Insurance Company (NHIC) allows the citizens who are paying the insurance to visit any hospital of their choice. It works together with SEHA, the national insurance scheme to ensure proper health services. The insurance being able to cover any hospital is essential in providing the citizens are satisfied with the services they get from hospitals all over the country.

The scheme provides a mandatory health insurance for the people. It is key to ensuring the realization of Qatar’s vision 2030 when it comes to providing proper health care for its people (Pallot, 2014). SEHA came into existence when Qatar formulated goals that would ensure good health care for its people and reduce the number of deaths caused by inadequate health care. The health care strategy seems to be working well for the people since its inception in the state of Qatar.

The network associated with SEHA includes both private and public health care providers. The people who are eligible to register with the insurance get a list of hospitals and health care providers they can work with for the better health (Seha, 2015). The strategy of working with SEHA has provided excellent efficiency and transparency in the national health care sector. The first stage of the scheme had its implementation in July of 2013.

The best feature of the first stage is that it covered the health care of women who are 12 years and above to gynecology, maternal, prenatal and postnatal clinic for their children. Other health problems related to women also receive cover in the first stage implementation of the strategy. The second phase of the study, inaugurated in April 2014 provides comprehensive insurance cover for all the Qatari citizens for all the fundamental health problems (Seha, 2015). Qatar is now at the forefront of the global initiative that calls for a comprehensive health coverage for all the people.

The World Health Organization is at the forefront in ensuring all the countries around the world provide national health insurance cover. The insurance cover for the people of Qatar through SEHA has provided development in the country, as there are more healthy people to build the economy. The scheme includes all the people in Qatar, and they are all eligible to receive the health insurance. They get both inpatient and outpatient services (Toebes, 2014).


The disadvantage of having the health scheme is that the charges are high for the people receiving low wages. They find the system expensive for them to cover and still meet the needs of their families. The health insurance should listen to the workers needs and wants concerning the health insurance cover that is compulsory for everyone.

Competitive advantage of the health insurance in Qatar

SEHA has a competitive advantage over the other health insurance scheme as it is part of the government. People tend to trust government institutions more than they trust private organization. The people of Qatar feel safe with their money being managed by the government rather than the money being in personal and private businesses. SEHA also has a range of services that they offer at a much-reduced cost compared to the other insurance companies in Qatar (Toebes, 2014).


The health insurance scheme by SEHA is a good idea for the country’s health care and their vision 2030 realization. It ensures the people of Qatar have access to better health care for their families and themselves. The primary medical health care the people get will help improve the country’s economy and hence growth in the country.


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