Personal philosophy of meaning and value.

. My approach towards meaning and value is one of a significant one since I understand that everything happens for a reason and it is this meaning which is embedded within the reason that needs to be found out. What this will eventually do is to provide more rationale for things that will shape up in the future as well as provide me a sense of understanding for similar things that keep on happening around me at different times of the day. In this paper, I will outline what I consider as meaningful from life, from a strictly personal viewpoint and what I look for in life as far as my personal thinking and mindset are concerned. Also, I would check upon my personal life instances and my professional growth patterns and more so the same whilst now in the role of an IT project manager. I have devised a personal action plan that outlines the manner in which I have advocated my philosophy within the domains of this paper and this action plan aims to give an idea of what I think would be the right course of action as to go about doing things from an ethically correct professional sphere.

I believe that we were put on this earth to bring some kind of glory or joy to the ‘One’ who put us here. Whether this is an all-powerful God, an uninvolved Creator or some sort of ‘alien’ life form I will not discuss here. Just suffice it to say that the same is some sort of a more powerful being which probably takes at least some interest in the actions of those that He has created or placed here on this Earth.

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Personal philosophy of meaning and value.
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