Planning a Learning Needs

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Planning a Learning Needs Assessment. It needs to be at least 250 words. Some of the tools that can be used in Performing a Learning Needs Assessment

There are several learning Needs Assessment tools that can effectively be used effectively by a nursing educator in performing an effective learning needs assessment. Some of these tools include.

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Planning a Learning Needs
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Informal conversations: with other healthcare team member that are frequently involved in the care of patients (Bastable, 2008).

Structured interviews: whereby the nurse focuses on asking the learner some direct and predetermined questions (Bastable, 2008).

Focus groups: whereby small numbers of potential learners are brought together and a facilitator leads the discussion group asking questions which are meant to encourage detailed discussions (Bastable, 2008).

Self Administered Questionnaires: The use of the written responses to the questions answered by learners in regards to learning needs can be acquired easily by using survey instruments as checklists and questionnaires (Bastable, 2008).

Tests: The giving of written pretests before a lesson is planned is a crucial tool that can help in the identification of the knowledge levels of some of the potential learners in regards to a given specific subject and play a fundamental role in the initial identification of a learner’s specific learning needs (Bastable, 2008).

The Preferred Learning Needs Assessment Tool

To conduct this learning needs assessment, the use of tests would most preferable as in addition to providing vital information as to the specific learning needs of the students in the classroom it also helps prevent the educator from repeating already known material in the teaching plan (Bastable, 2008).

The pretest results are also beneficial because, after the completion of the lesson, they will be used in determining whether the learning process was successful. This can be done by comparing the posttest scores to the pretest scores (Bastable, 2008).

Expected Results of the Lesson Assessment Needs

Some of the expected results of conducting the learning needs assessment include. the new parents will want to learn how to effectively clean their infants, how to schedule an appropriate feeding and sleeping program for their children and the appropriate timing for all the immunizations that the child will need to be given (Pillitteri, 2010).

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