Platos Phaedo

 At the time of birth, the soul is forced to take a new body, which is then supposed to be in control of since the body is mortal but the soul is immortal. The body thus relies on the soul, which plays the divine role and acts as a source of authority for guidance in all its endeavors. As a person grows, the soul may start to forget some of the knowledge acquired as the person encounters different situations, which erode some of the information. However, it is worth noting that the information is not fully lost since when a person acquires knowledge either through sight or through other senses the impression of what is being learned will already be in the mind and the soul will reignite the impression. Therefore, a person can only remember that which he already has an impression on.1

The aspect of abstract equality reinforces the idea that all forms of learning are just a mere process of recollection. When human beings acquire any new form of knowledge they usually have to relate it with what they perceive in their minds to be the absolute truth. But where does absolute truth come from since right from the time that a person starts acquiring knowledge he already possessed a definition of this absolute. It, therefore, emerges that a person is born with this knowledge on abstract equality, which implies that the soul must have existed before and thus acquired all such knowledge.&nbsp.

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