Poems of Death

1.  Please discuss the approach to or feeling about death in one poem by Emily Dickinson OR in one poem by John Milton OR in one poem by W. H. Auden (from the required readings). Your choice of poem should be from the required readings in week 4.
You may also discuss Walt Whitman’s poem “O Captain! My Captain!” if you wish.

2. Please write one paragraph with your thoughts about a character, theme, or passage from the required readings. 

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Poems of Death
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3. Please elaborate on one of the discussion questions from week 3 or week 4.
Your short essay should be about two pages long and should show evidence of critical thinking and reflection. You do not need to use secondary sources for this essay. This essay is just an opportunity for you to explore one of the above topics in more detail. 

Week 3 topic was – Please discuss the theme of struggle and suffering or the theme of striving for a better life in one poem by Langston Hughes OR in one poem by Maya Angelou OR in one poem by E. A. Robinson. 
Week 4 topic is above number 1.

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