Pol 110 exam 1 | Political Science homework help

POL 110 EXAM 1

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Pol 110 exam 1 | Political Science homework help
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1) In Germany, research and teaching are “free” but subject to

a. a majority vote of a national panel of scholars.

b. measures of consistency.

c. institutional norms.

d. loyalty to the constitution.

e. Both options A and B are true.

2) Freedom of speech is strongly protected under the __________ Amendment.

a. First

b. Second

c. Third

d. Fifth

e. Tenth

3) Who was the chief architect of the Constitution?

a. Thomas Jefferson

b. James Madison

c. George Washington

d. Patrick Henry

e. John Adams

4) It is important to remember that the business of lobbyists is protected by the __________ Amendment.

a. First

b. Fifth

c. Ninth

d. Tenth

e. Nineteenth

5) In a parliamentary system, the prime minister is chosen by the

a. judicial system.

b. elected national legislature.

c. people.

d. electoral college.

e. party representatives.

6) The Great Compromise allocated representation on the basis of

a. population in both houses.

b. equality in both houses.

c. population in the House and equality in the Senate.

d. equality in the House and population in the Senate.

e. a changing structure every four years.

7) The Declaration of Independence contains twenty-seven paragraphs that list

a. specific complaints against the king and his ministers.

b. political prisoners in the colonies.

c. rights enumerated in the British constitution.

d. trade regulations violated by British ships.

e. reasons for desiring a written constitution.

8) The stated purpose for the delegates’ assembly in Philadelphia in 1787 was to

a. write a new constitution.

b. discuss trade regulation.

c. discuss taxation.

d. revise the Articles of Confederation.

e. discuss slavery.

9) Under the Great Compromise, senators were chosen by

a. the electoral college.

b. vote of the people.

c. state governors.

d. the judiciary of each state.

e. state legislatures.

10) Jefferson changed __________ to “pursuit of happiness” when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.

a. “pleasure”

b. “security”

c. “welfare”

d. “equality”

e. “property”

11) The draft laws

a. have always exempted conscientious objectors from military duty.

b. exempt conscientious objectors only if they believe in a Supreme Being.

c. exempt conscientious objectors only if they belong to a religious tradition.

d. did not exempt conscientious objectors during WWI and WWII.

e. exempted conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.

12) A bill of attainder

a. declares a person innocent, without trial, or a crime.

b. pardons a person of an offense before trial.

c. removes any all records of a criminal offense.

d. declares a person, without trial, guilty of a crime.

e. None of the above is true.

13) The amendment that is probably the most important in terms of having the Bill of Rights apply to the states is the

a. Tenth Amendment.

b. Twelfth Amendment.

c. Fourteenth Amendment.

d. Twentieth Amendment.

e. Twenty-second Amendment.

14) Under the USA Patriot law, the attorney general may hold any noncitizen who is thought to be a national security risk for up to ___________ days.

a. 14

b. 30

c. 7

d. 60

e. 90

15) The ban on double jeopardy can be found in the

a. First Amendment.

b. Second Amendment.

c. Fourth Amendment.

d. Fifth Amendment.

e. Tenth Amendment.

16) The Court’s rulings regarding sexual harassment draw largely from

a. international law.

b. the rulings of state high courts.

c. its own, well-established precedent.

d. decisions by state officials.

e. rulings by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

17) Which case first asserted a “right to privacy” can be found in the Constitution?

a. Griswold v. Connecticut

b. Roe v. Wade

c. Webster v. Reproductive Health Services

d. Planned Parenthood v. Casey

e. Steber v. Carhart

18) Which president ordered that all Japanese Americans be removed from their homes in California and placed them in relocation centers far from the coast?

a. Theodore Roosevelt

b. Abraham Lincoln

c. Woodrow Wilson

d. Franklin Roosevelt

e. Richard Nixon

19) In general, the Supreme Court has allowed race to be taken into account in the area of jobs if

a. there has been a past practice of discrimination.

b. the discrimination still exists today.

c. only the actual victims of discrimination are given preference.

d. the discrimination occurred before the 1954 Brown decision.

e. there is a desire to achieve diversity in the workplace.

20) Which case banned so-called “freedom-of-choice” plans as devices for desegregating public schools?

a. Plessy v. Ferguson

b. Brown v. Board of Education

c. Loving v. Virginia

d. Green v. New Kent County

e. Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg

21) Federal laws requiring states and cities to take certain actions whether or not they receive federal aid are called

a. conditions of aid.

b. intergovernmental grants.

c. categorical actions.

d. mandates.

e. federal activism.

22) In recent years, most mandates have concerned

a. civil rights and environmental protection.

b. highways and transportation.

c. education.

d. social welfare.

e. healthcare.

23) In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled the most controversial aspect of Obamacare withstood constitutional scrutiny as a _________ as opposed to a “penalty.”

a. wage supplement

b. garnishment

c. tax

d. shelter

e. reward

24) The federal government’s full-time civilian workforce numbers about __________ million.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 4

d. 6

e. 8

25) There are over __________ elected officials in this county.

a. 10,000

b. 80,000

c. 100,000

d. 200,000

e. 500,000


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