Poli 145c: international relations after the cold war fall quarter

  Overview: During the first half of this course, we examined various contentions regarding the state of international relations in the post Cold War era, paying particular attention to how states view security in the post Cold War era. For some scholars (e.g., Reveron and Mahoney-Norris) human security is national security in the post Cold War era, while others adopt a more traditional national security approach (e.g., Paris), arguing that the utility of the human security concept is much more limited than is often assumed. Evaluating these claims will form the basis of your midterm examination Prompt: Supporters of the concept of human security argue that the challenges and threats that states face today are better served by recognizing that human security “is” national security. Using ONE of the following cases below, address whether the foreign policy in your selected case reflects the idea of “human security as national security”? Should it? 1. United States foreign policy and terrorism 2. Israeli foreign policy and the peace process 3. Iranian foreign policy and nuclear non-proliferation To address this question, your paper should do the following: 1. Differentiate between human security and the conventional conception of national security. 2. Outline state behaviors which would be consistent with both conceptions of security. 3. Briefly outline and explain the foreign policy of your selected case in the relevant policy area. 4. Is foreign policy within your case consistent with the idea of “human security as national security”? Why? Why not? 5. Should it be more/less consistent with human security? Requirements: The paper should provide a well-organized argument to the prompt, using course materials (lecture, course readings, current events materials, etc.) to substantiate your argument. Please be advised that papers which lack a clear thesis statement and/or show little or no familiarity with course readings will be penalized. There is a handout on the course website to assist with formatting a social science paper. The paper should be 6-8 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins), and should contain a bibliography. You may use either MLA or APA format to cite sources within your paper. Due Date: An electronic copy of your midterm must also be submitted to turnitin.com via TED no later than 11:59pm on 9 November 2018. We will grade whatever you have submitted at the time of the deadline, so please make sure you have uploaded the correct copy of your midterm because once the deadline hits, we cannot clear the submission. Barring a documented emergency, no e-mail attachments or late papers will be accepted. Additionally, we will not entertain ANY late requests which we are not made aware on the day the paper is due. Please be advised that barring notification of a Turnitin.com outage verified by ACMS, an inability to submit the paper before the due date due to failing to hit submit, slow internet connection/upload, failure to recognize that the upload did not go through, etc. etc., is not considered an emergency so please plan accordingly. Good Luck!  

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Poli 145c: international relations after the cold war fall quarter
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