Policies related to child health. 

 It may seem like most aspects of a child’s care is little less of a straightforward informed consent of the parent and the family, but this is not always the case. This calls for the law to take control to ensure that children’s health is secure and available in an affordable way. The government policies create avenues that facilitate these goals. According to Patel and Rushefsky (2014, p. 75) over the past few decades, the state has taken the lead role in ensuring that health policy reforms. The government has played a key role in legislation, regulation and also innovative competitive strategies as efforts to cut down the healthcare cost.

Five years ago, the US government enacted the Affordable Care Act. The policy is designed to provide affordable health coverage options, stop private insurance companies from discriminating against patients with pre-existing conditions, strengthen consumer’s protection, improve the quality of care and also boost the bargaining power of families as well as small enterprises by allowing health insurance exchange. According to Price and Saltzman (2013, p. 12), the Affordable Care Act will help American save allot of money that is spend majorly on health-related cases. The expansion of Medicaid and creation of a new insurance exchange system will play a major role.

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Policies related to child health. 
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The Affordable Care Act also extends its funding to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) mainly through FY 2015. The program also ensures that children who have been having precious and pre-existing conditions are not secluded from health insurance from the insurance companies. In addition to that, the act also comes with a pediatric benefit for children and this is inclusive of oral and vision coverage. All children are supposed to get the basic pediatric services and this will be achieved by an increase in the workforce.

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