Policing of a Cyber Crime

 Outline on Of policing of a Cyber Crime investigation-scenario of The Bennington Family are an Organised Crime Family operating in the south East of England, they are the subject of a long term investigation by the National Crime Agency Operation Priory. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Investigations conducted indicate that the approximate average age of the victims of activities conducted by Boko Zdravko is 81 years.

The research suggests that they traverse the nation selecting places with a high population of old people or mixed communities that have easy access to roads1. At the same time, offenders move on after a concentrated period of attacks 2. Movements cause hindrances to detection and prevention. That calls for the investigative process as provides the Police Act of 1997.

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Policing of a Cyber Crime
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As indicated in the introduction, the levels of under-reporting of crimes in such a manner are high. That makes the actions at the incidences of reporting to have a detailed and professional approach. The responses should take an account of the needs of the victims of the cases. It is necessary to consider that the responses minimize chances of repeated victimization of one victim and chance that crimes may make some of them prisoners within their homes. The actions taken from the outset will have effects on the results. There is necessity that the response considers a wide range of options3. Additionally, there is noteworthy that whilst some of the identified issues are identifiable as crimes, some of them are not. Therefore, the responses made to such issues should be thorough and consider all the issues4.

There is a need to consider the best approaches to capturing evidence from the suspects. For this case, the intelligence units should use all the available pieces of evidence to prosecute the offenders.

The team will have to look at the matter from two perspectives. The first will entail recording the activities of the devices used by use of key loggers and record imagery for the persons involved. Such a move is possible using inbuilt camera such as webcams found on a new computer of an iPad. Another alternative is to record activities of the suspects as if in the room5.

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