Policy influences and policy stakeholder reflection 

The mission of the organization named ‘Melbourne Ports – Our Future’, is to present an appropriate decision in relation to expanding the capacity of the Ports of Melbourne. The expansion of the ports’ capacity is quite necessary for the purpose of meeting with an ever-rising trade demand and protecting the economic future of freight gateway (The Port of Melbourne Corporation, 2011). Hence, it can be stated that the main purpose of the organization is to arrive at a standpoint on whether the dredging of the Port of Philip Bay or the expansion of the Port of Hastings would be the best suitable option to plan for increased shipping capacity of the Port of Melbourne.

‘Melbourne Ports – Our Future’ plays an imperative role in decision making, concerning the subject matter of expanding the capacity of the Port of Melbourne. This is due to the reason that this particular organization is entitled to suggest an initiative for the expansion of the port to the government. With this concern, the expansion through dredging in the Port Philip Bay is likely to impose a substantial impact upon the environment along with generating various difficulties in terms of technologies and manpower (EnviCom Working Group 100, n.d.).

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Policy influences and policy stakeholder reflection 
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From a social point of view, the various benefits of dredging include the prevention of further degradation. developing the liveability of the river communities by improving parks along with greenways for the inhabitants and most importantly, helps to expand the shipping industry (EnviCom Working Group 100, n.d.). Alternatively, the most apparent impact of the facet of dredging upon the environment lay in the fact that it adversely affects the seagrass habitat, cultural heritage and most importantly tends to impose barriers to the augmentation of tourism sector causing disturbances to facilitate the various types of recreational activities including diving, boating, and fishing (The Port of Melbourne Corporation, 2009).

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