Political climate of venezuela.

 Political climate of Venezuela The virtue of political climate of Venezuela is worrying as far as the prevailing constitutional rights of people of Venezuela are of concern. Various articulations in regards to democracy has been under limelight, keeping in mind that political unrest violence is the main issue that brings about further curtailment of democracy in this nation. Venezuela is among the countries that take into account the virtue of multiparty and hence leading to imposition of martial law as well as curtailing democratic rights in Venezuela.

This aspect has triggered an essence of political crisis especially in western hemisphere. United States of America that is the superpower have been against those people in support of President Chavez, who has been at large providing leadership full of poor governance. Elections held in the year 2012 was full of conspicuous results in that the Venezuela government have been forced out to permit the essence of audit which is known to have been articulated fraudulent activities hence this could in turn help in revising the outcome of the elections (Valente, 23-29).

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Political unrest has been the subject as far as political climate of Venezuela is of concern. Chavez on the other hand in his regime has worked diligently to make sure that his supporters believes that what he has achieved in his political system was not through deception, and collusion with independent media. Some of the crucial negative insists that Venezuela political system have deployed includes the termination of popular Chavista social programs well known as Misiones Bolivarianas should the opposition takes into account the victory on the prevailing elections. I concur with L Philharmonic under heavy criticism over political climate of Venezuela.

Work Cited

Valente, Cecelia. Political, Economic, and Labor Climate in Venezuela (Multinational Industrial Relations Series, No 4d) [Paperback]. New York: Univ of Pennsylvannia Center, 2009. Print.

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