Political science (you can find the topic from sources)

 Political science (you can find the topic from sources). Anti-Federalists were alarmed that the Constitution would demolish civil liberties and genuine democracy if the states yield significant power to the new national government. They asserted that representation should be fair in all terms of directness and intimacy, with the government representing as many interests as possible. Politicians must then be substantively like the people they represent. They may not necessarily be the political elite, but instead, ordinary people who were educated enough to participate in political affairs. Anti-Federalists based this assertion the logic that those who were more responsible were less self-interested and those who knew their accountability were less prone to corruption. The people were more responsible than the political elite because they were more in touch of the realities of their local communities. They were less prone to corruption because they would be less vulnerable to damaging their representation to the local populace where they came from.

The Anti-Federalists, furthermore, intended to have an outcome where there were small constituencies with many representatives, where the axis of power is on the states or local bases, not the national base of collectivity or community of interest. They wanted strong powerful states, not a powerful national government. These powerful states could make decisions regarding their political, social, and economic affairs without intrusion or intervention from the national government. With these goals, outcomes, and processes, Anti-Federalists were leaning more toward descriptive and participative forms of representation.

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Political science (you can find the topic from sources)
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The Federalists believed, on the contrary, the representation is a nationally-determined public good. They did not reject the states’ rights to representation, though they focused on a political arena of substantive representation.

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