Population demographics | Geography homework help


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Population demographics | Geography homework help
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    –  4 to 5 pages 

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    – MLA guidelines

Must include a works cited page. Min. of 5(must be in MLA format) 





Assignment: Select six to ten countries for analysis.  Look up the following information for each country on www.prb.org and assemble it into a table. Your table should be easy to read and fit onto one page. If you cannot fit it onto one page, please make sure that all column and row labels are present on the second page. 

  • Crude Birth Rate (Births per 1,000 population)
  • Crude Death Rate
  • Rate of Natural Increase
  • Infant Mortality Rate (Infant deaths per 1,000 live births)
  • Life Expectancy
  • GNI PPP per capita
  • The stage you believe the country to be in of the demographic transition model
  • …and any other data you find personally interesting.

Once you have assembled your table, write a paper on what you have learned from assembling this information – please include discussion and analysis that builds upon what we’ve studied in the course.  Do there appear to be any trends or relationships between the data? Is there any data that surprises you? 

Note: Be sure to include your table in your document so that you may submit both at once via SafeAssign (you can only submit a single file). 

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