Process of the supreme court

 Process of the Supreme Court Task The Supreme Court is the highest court of the United s, charged with the responsibility of hearing and determining appeals from lower courts or State Supreme courts. It is responsible for verifying whether due process of the law and the constitution were adhered to as judgments were made. It is comprised of nine Justices, one of whom is the Chief Justice.

The Supreme Court process has strengths which have proved to be useful to the Supreme Court judgments. While Justices first verify cases on individual basis, they must all finally agree on one verdict, thereby removing bureaucracy and other forms of influence. This also gives room for the consideration of various shades of opinions based on individual interpretation of the law. Since verdicts must also adhere to the 200 year old United States constitution, this enhances the dispensation of justice to all citizens. The amendments to the constitution for example, in what is referred to as the second bill of rights have assured all citizens of equal rights, making the document very useful in the operations and decisions of the Supreme Court.

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Process of the supreme court
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All the same there are weaknesses in the Supreme Court process. The workload is immense, considering that each Justice is responsible for verification whether appeals, which come from all over the United States qualify for consideration. Though each Justice is assigned a small staff, they are responsible for each appeal or case. The process is long and complicated and the ramification of this is that it will implicate denying justice to those affected due to the long procedures involved in declaring the verdict. Decisions reached by the Justices are also binding and open to scrutiny and, some people may feel that some decisions made were incorrect since they were made by only a few people.


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