Product and Pricing Strategy.

 A variety of industrial and office-based computer and laptop solutions, along with state-of-the-art services, software collaborations and innovative accessories.

EJ’s Innovations and More has a wide customer base for all of its electronic product offerings. This product will make full use of access to the existing customer base as they are all potential users of computers and laptops. Furthermore, they are already familiar with the brand name of EJ’s and have the trust relationship and faith in the product quality and service assurance of the company.

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Product and Pricing Strategy.
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With this product, the company is planning to target all computer and laptop users. The potential customers range from 14 year old girls and boys to aged, retired gentlemen and ladies. However, this plan outlines the target audience, described later, for this particular wave of marketing.

The strategy of EJ’s Innovations and More is to offer customers a wide range of personal computers and laptops. These will be available in a variety of designs and colors, suiting the different needs and whims of the customer. They will be available in different varieties, starting with the basic computer or laptop, to the more advanced versions with greater memory capacity, RAM, accessories and additional features.

The most important aspect of these computers will be that with registration, they will be ready for immediate use. They will work easily on all software platforms from other companies with minimal installation. To assist the customer, customer support teams will be available 6 days a week and helpline will be open 24/7 to answer any product related questions.

The computers and laptops offered by the company will all carry the same brand promise of EJ’s which is one of complete innovation and convenience, designed to make the life of the customer easier and happier.

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