Profile of world food organizations.

World Food Organizations FAO The Food and Agricultural Organization is headquartered in Rome, Italy. FAO has eight major management departments. These include Fisheries and Aquaculture, Administration and Finance, Economic and Social Development, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Natural Resource Management and Technical Cooperation, Knowledge and Communication and Forestry. The main funding source for the organization’s programs comes from the contributions from the members.&nbsp. It mobilizes funds from World Bank, regional development banks among other multilateral institutions. (FAO, 2003)


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Profile of world food organizations.
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The World Food Program has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. Its management team members include an Executive board having representatives from the thirty-six member states. Ertharin Cousin is the current Executive Director. She is the head of the WFP secretariat. The WFP is funded by the European Union and various donations that are made voluntarily by the various governments in the world, private donors and corporations. The organization is currently involved in the coordination of the pilot project, Purchase for Progress, which aims at helping the farmers access the agricultural market. WFP is also working towards improving the production in agriculture of the farmers in the developing countries through agricultural financing.


UNDP has its headquarters in New York City. The management team members comprise of an administrator, Helen Clark, an associate administrator, Rebeca Grynspan and a number of assistant administrators including Tegegnework Gettu&nbsp.from Ethiopia for Africa, Sima Sami Bahous representing the&nbsp.Arab States,&nbsp.Cihan Sultanoğlu&nbsp.from Europe, Ajay Chhibber&nbsp.representing Asia and the Pacific,&nbsp.Heraldo Munoz Valenzuela&nbsp.representing the&nbsp.Caribbean and the Latin America. At the Bureau of Management is&nbsp.Jens Wandel&nbsp.from Denmark. UNDP if funded majorly by private donors, governments, and members. Current programs include poverty eradication in developing countries. The organization is also funding environmental and energy projects in its quest of achieving affordable, clean sanitation, water, and energy services.


Headquarters: Washington, D.C

Management Team Members: Office of the Administrator, Human Resources, Budget and Resource Management, Office of security, Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Office, Innovation and Development offices, Office of science and technology and the Bureau offices.

The main funding source of the USAID is the United States of America government. Current Programs and Projects: USAID is currently promoting good governance and democracy across the world. Fostering the development of the private sector and offering help for the achievement of sustainable growth in the economies of communities is its current development program. Current activities that USAID is funding include various agricultural investments, combating child mortality and maternal death, HIV/AIDS control among other diseases.


The GAFSP headquarters is in Washington D.C. the management team members include the voting and nonvoting members. This includes the World Bank, FAO, WFP, and IFC. The main funding source is from various donors. GAFSP’s current programs and projects include the generation of technology, water management and promoting land use and rights. It mobilizes rural finance.


UNCCD has its headquarters at Bonn in Germany. Its management is made up of a permanent secretariat in charge of the organization.

The main funding source is through private donors. The UNCCD is currently on programs and projects of desertification by conversion of land to be agriculturally useful.

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