Project Management Office (PMO

 Project Management Office (PMO) The article harnessed for the completion of this study is “Why you need a Project Management Office”, which explains the needs of the formation of an office of a project manager in a company. The benefits of a project management office to an organization according to the article include aiding in structuring and standardizing project management practices and facilitation of project portfolio management (Santosus, 2013).

PMO enables the completion of projects on time, within budget, and meet the specifications using limited resources in the organization. PMO also aids in the improvement of the project success rates in an organization due to the incorporation of skills and expertise in the management of projects and ensures standardization of projects across the organization. The article goes further to give the two models of PMO. consultative and centralized PMO capacities and gives the other advantage of PMO as augmenting employee productivity through efficient resource allocation in an organization. The type of PMO to be implemented in an organization depends on the culture and the changes and benefits that the organization aims at achieving within a stipulated time leading to the need for customization and patience for a PMO office that result in increased bottom-line results, customer satisfaction, and resource utilization (Santosus, 2013).

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 Project Management Office (PMO
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The article is useful in aiding the development of PMO through giving the benefits of having PMO, the strategies to introduce PMO in an organization, the challenges that are faced by a PMO, and the skills and expertise that the PMO brings to the organization. The article explores varied factors for the choice of PMO model to implement depending on the factors inherent in the organization allowing organizations to have a better understanding when developing PMO. The article also aids in developing the PMO due exposition of results from companies that have implemented the development giving companies a benchmark for their needs and results of a PMO.

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