Proposed Healthcare Refrom Act.

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Proposed Healthcare Refrom Act. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Increasing health insurance premiums and limitations in insurance itself keep people uninsured. The overall effect finally keep people away from early diagnosis and treatments or negligence of health and this will increase the morbidity and mortality rates which affect the living standards and the development of the country (Health Care, 2009).

There is a huge difference in the health cost between the countries. Some Asian countries provide similar medical treatments with similar success rates to a cost few folds less than that of the US. Therefore it is interested to find the reason for this difference.

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Health cost includes not only the price of the medicines used but also the wages of the health staff and insurance company staff, there mortgages, bank charges, allowances, insurance for the building and equipments, transport cost etc. More intermediate involvement unnecessarily increases the final cost.

Researchers have pointed out considerable opportunities to improve quality of the health care service while dropping the cost. Some academic medical centers in the country provide high quality service for less than half a cost and those physicians and others are provided with all the infrastructure, incentives and support needed. (Dartmouth Atlas Project, 2006)

The proposed health scheme will assess the quality of the health services and inquire the discrepancy between the care providing institutions and take action to cut down unnecessary burden of health care cost.

Obama’s plans will allow patients to select their preferred practitioner and most appropriate treatment plan without limiting to the choice of the insurance company. This will also empower people to quarry any doubtful condition of the insurance scheme and act upon medical malpractices and deliberate negligence and compensation.

When health cost becomes low citizens are able to undergo early diagnosis and early treatments.

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