Pseudo form of psychology.

Behaviorism as a Pseudo form of Psychology Pseudo psychology is a category of psychology that deals with nontraditional sciences, which involves information that is not scientifically proved. Behaviorism is considered a pseudo form of psychology because it does not apply scientific methodologies to test the claims. Behaviorism is a field formed by John Watson who was a psychologist but believed that behaviors are measurable and can be changed through training. This essay seeks to demonstrate why behaviorism is a form of pseudo psychology.

Most behaviorism claims are untestable. Unlike psychology, which deals with the scientific study of the connection between behavior and stimuli, behaviorism entails study of behaviors and how they can be predicted or even controlled without using any scientific methodologies. Psychology and behaviorism are two interrelated fields that are constantly in some form of competition. Basically, behaviorism is very similar to a branch of psychology called cognitive psychology and can thus be considered to be a pseudo form of psychology (Schultz & Ellen, 2011).

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Just like pseudo psychology, behaviorism lays emphasis on predicting behaviors without using any scientific tests. A number of factor that demonstrate that behaviorism is a form of pseudo psychology include the fact that theories used in behaviorism cannot be tested or retested to verify the findings. Another factor is the biasness portrayed when predicting or interpreting human behaviors since there are no specific procedures followed. Additionally, behaviorism does not provide evidence to prove claim but instead demand disbelievers to show the wrongness of behaviorism claim (Mills, 2000).

In conclusion behaviorism a form of pseudo psychology which entails study of behavior without using scientific methodologies.


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Schultz, D., & Ellen, S. (2011). A History of Modern Psychology. New York: Cengage Learning.

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