Psyc 201 week 8 final exam

PSYC 201 Week 8 Final Exam

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Psyc 201 week 8 final exam
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Answer the test questions thoroughly, substantively and in narrative format (in paragraphs and complete sentences; lists, sentence fragments and bulletted items are not permitted). Base each answer on an assigned reading from the weekly course Lessons. Answers may range from 100 to 300 words with some requiring more detail and longer lengths and some requiring less. Quoting is not permitted. All answers must be paraphrased (which means restating what you read in your own words).


Question 1 of 12

20.0 Points

Describe what the field of social psychology focuses on and seeks to understand through research and the related questions that it endeavors to answer.


Question 2 of 12

20.0 Points

Compare and contrast the social psychology constructs of social perception and self-perception. Include in your answer the key concepts of at least two theories from our readings related to each construct.


Question 3 of 12

20.0 Points

Describe factors which contribute to a strong attitude-behavior relationship.


Question 4 of 12

20.0 Points

Explain the differences in thoughtful and spontaneous processing and the benefits of targeting messages toward each type.


Question 5 of 12

20.0 Points

Describe three methods of preventing persuasion.


Question 6 of 12

20.0 Points

Differentiate the forming, norming, storming and adjourning stages of group development.



Question 7 of 12

20.0 Points


What are the dangers of groupthink?



Question 8 of 12

20.0 Points

A fellow online student and friend asks you to take a course exam for her by logging in with her user id and password. You, of course, say no because such cheating would place you at high risk of receiving academic disciplinary action, including expulsion. Your friend then changes her request to asking if you will help her study for the exam, to which you say yes. Which compliance gaining technique is what transpires between the two of you an example of and why does it work?


Question 9 of 12

20.0 Points

Describe three factors which influence interpersonal attraction.



Question 10 of 12

20.0 Points

What hypothesized cause of aggression did Albert Bandura’s famous Bobo doll experiment investigate and how?


Question 11 of 12

20.0 Points

Describe an event and the public’s reaction to it that exemplifies the negative mood state reduction explanation for why people engage in prosocial behavior.


Question 12 of 12

20.0 Points

How does the military battle commitment to “leave no man behind” exemplify the vested interest model of human helping behavior.



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