Psycholgy subject. 

 Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Death and Dying This video does not change my view of death and dying. instead, it strengthens my belief that dying people need companionship and comfort. They feel a sense of grief over every loss that they will experience during the death phase. We are not completely able to understand what they are going through but we can at least make their dying easier for them by being there for them. I have always thought of death as something that puts an end to our life stories and experiences. All happy and sad times come to an end with death, and this is what this video shares too.

Teen Age Thinking

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 Psycholgy subject. 
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According to the video, a teenager needs more than nine hours of sleep for his well-being. My parents always made sure that I get enough sleep especially during my exams. Although the quantity of time they spent with me in my teenage was less as they were both working. still, the quality of time they spent communicating with me was high which compensated for their not being present 24/7. Sometimes, I wished they could talk to me more often when I would feel stressed out or emotionally disturbed. The only thing that I wish my parents would have done in my teenage is taking me out so that we could spend some time together outdoors as well.

Stress Reduction- Just Relax

I have learned that, in order to reduce stress, it is important to drag myself to relax physically and mentally. I should do meditation or yoga function to de-stress myself. I should calm down my muscles and tell myself to relax no matter how much stress I am into. Since stress affects one’s ability to increase blood pressure and shut down pregnancy, it is something I should manage to save future inconveniences. High blood pressure cause cardiac problems which I definitely would not like to have, thus I will learn stress management techniques.

Genetic Modification

How much control should parents have over their child’s genetic makeup is decided by Nature and not by the parents. No parents till date have been able to create the best baby according to their desires by manipulating with the genes, as the video says. Scientists believe that man knows very little of the complex machine that carries genes, and playing with genes is rather more complex. Man has been able to genetically modify animals and plants, but making changes to the genetic makeup of a child has not been possible as yet. Parents might want to operate with their unborn child’s genes but Nature has not given them full control over the genetic machinery.


To foster healthy relationship with children, parents need to enjoy the bonding they share with them, play with them, feed them with love, and bed them closer to them. Night time parenting, developing positive discipline, and maintaining a balance between family and personal life, all play their part in facilitating parent-child attachment. A consistent physical and emotional availability is vital in attachment parenting. Breast feeding develops a special bond between the mother and child. Apart from nutritional importance, breast milk transfers confidence, love and trust from the mother into the offspring.

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