Psychotherapy of the 21st century.

Theories include but are not limited to Person-centred therapy, solution-focused therapy, family system therapy, Reality therapy, narrative and feminist. These approaches to psychotherapies used in client treatment in the 21st century have been motivated by similar therapeutic goals, which revolve around symptom reduction, crisis stabilization, stabilization, and self-exploration.

There is a great benefit in learning more than one approach to psychotherapy. This is because the 21st century to has brought into play some new rather specific changes that continue to affect clients in different ways. We all reside in the same world but each individual seems to make different sense of what he/she sees and experience (Murdock, 2013). With practitioners equipped with various counselling techniques and skills learned from different approaches to psychotherapy and counselling, they are often well placed to construct meaning from the lives of their clients more effectively during sessions unlike in cases where the therapist specializes in only one approach to therapy. In other words learning different approaches to psychotherapy and counselling boost the therapist understand different factors that affect clients lives ranging from clients interior psychological processes, behavioural and biological factors, societal and professional influences as well as cultural and community factors. All these challenges and views of the client’s life cannot be learned and understood using a single approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which only utilizes specify techniques, which may overlook certain needs of the client.

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Psychotherapy of the 21st century.
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