Public Institution for Social Security.

 Public Institution for Social Security. Kuwait started a pension scheme in1955, which was within the background of civil employment and retirement bylaws in the public sector. The initial independent decree for pensions was issued in a Decree No. (3) In 1960, and it was effected from 1 April 1960. This law covered all government employees, the civil servants as well as the military. The law was immediately followed by the enactment of an independent law for pensions and securities for the military, which is in agreement with law no. (27) Of 1961. However, the law was enforced on 9/9/1961.The first complete and integrated law for social security was established on 1 October 1976, which was in accordance with the Amiri Law Decree No. (61) Of 1976. (The Public Institution For Social Security 2-8).

The current social security law in Kuwait provides security cover to all active citizens in the community notwithstanding their occupation. Additionally, the law offers security cover for employees employed by third parties in any sector. The law also covers the members of Municipal Council, National Assembly, mayors, as well as apprentices for work sponsors and the self-employed individuals inclusive of merchants, and free-lancers such as engineers, physicians, attorneys, salespersons, as well as Kuwaiti citizens working outside the country. In addition, the social security scheme provides security cover for individuals practicing in other professions that are legitimately licensed by proficient authorities. (The Public Institution For Social Security 9-14).

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Kuwait social security law is mainly financed by contributions paid by three parties who include the insured persons, the employers, and the State Public Treasury. The information systems department in the institution has a substantial part in accelerating the development of PIFSS. Essentially, the systems department covers all the technical requirements for all the departments in the&nbsp.institution.&nbsp. Year after year, the systems department achieves several requests, investigations, as well as projects (The Public Institution For Social Security 6-12).

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