Qualitative Annotated Bibliography.

According to the authors, these three were listed as the most common adverse events that occur in the intensive care unit. They suggest that to prevent the occurrence of these complications, it is important that the nurses implement evidence-based practice while handling critically ill patients. The study adopted a qualitative focus group study involving thirty-four nurses who practiced in the intensive care unit. The participants were groups into eight focus groups after which the obtained data was analyzed using thematic analyses.

The study is significant to the topic because it explores the reasons why ventilator-associated pneumonia and other complications are still a menace in the hospital, despite the presence of evidence-based guidelines. However, the study has the shortcoming of generalizability of the results since it was performed in only one hospital. The authors conclude that hospitals should enhance the knowledge of nurses, and improve their attitudes towards adopting guidelines in the prevention of ICU complications. In addition, critical care nurses should be empowered to make changes in nursing practice so that medical interventions reflect the latest evidence in literature. The study is relevant to my role option because it highlights some of the challenges faced by ICU nurses in prevention of complications, including ventilator-associated pneumonia. It also proposes ways in which the situation can be improved, adding to the knowledge I already possess in the area.

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Qu, X., Xie, H., Zhang, Q., Zhou, X., & Shi, Z. (2014). A survey on oral care practices for ventilator‐assisted patients in intensive care units in 3A hospitals of mainland China. International journal of nursing practice.

The chief aim of the study was to explore the status of oral healthcare practices, attitudes, education and knowledge of the nurses caring for ventilator-assisted patients in the intensive care units of hospitals in mainland China.

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