Qualities and roles of a primary teacher Paper

 Primary teacher Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The role of a primary school teacher is critical in establishing a strong foundation in the pupils’ learning. the teacher creates lesson plans in tune with the curriculum of the students enabling them not only to enhance their already learned skills, but also to discover new abilities and to have a deeper knowledge and understanding with regard to their learning. The primary school teacher builds a positive learning environment, ensuring that his/her pupils are motivated and enthusiastic to develop and improve their skills. The teacher instils the students with a sense of imagination, while ensuring that there is enough discipline maintained in the classroom for the pupils to channel their enthusiasm and ideas productively. The teacher monitors the progress of the pupils, while preparing them for their SATs (Standard Assessment Tasks). Thus, his/her role involves nurturing the students as well challenging them to build upon their learnt skills and acquire newer ones at the same time.

This is no mean task and, for the teacher to ensure that s/he is able to fulfil it, the teacher must not only be able to build a repertoire with the pupils, but also with the parents of the pupils. The teacher must, therefore, be patient and understanding with regards to the pupils as well as sympathetic when it comes to the parents of the pupils and their expectations. The teacher should also be organised and disciplined, ensuring that the curriculum objectives are met in his/her lessons. S/he should be flexible enough to allow his/her pupils to develop optimally with regard to their ages, abilities and individual aptitudes. Thus, s/he should be someone who can easily identify the strong as well as the weak points of the pupils, and work so that the strengths of the pupils are enhanced, and the weaknesses strengthened.

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 Qualities and roles of a primary teacher Paper
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I find that I am a good candidate for the task. I have been trained as a nursery nurse, having had the experience of working with children of various ages. I have acquired enough skills to be able to deal effectively with children as well as their parents. I have also shadowed primary teachers many times, both previously in my home town and recently as well. Moreover, I have also worked for two weeks in a primary school. All these experiences have taught me a lot, and I feel up to the task of becoming a primary school teacher myself.

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