Quality performance measure in health sciences and medicine.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses quality performance measure in health sciences and medicine. Quality Performance Measure in Health Sciences and Medicine

1. From the data presented about quality performance measure, it can be seen that there has been positive improvement in different healthcare aspects from the first quarter to the second quarter. For instance, the following changes have been observed in the following healthcare aspects from the first quarter to the second: medication errors, 7.22 %. patient falls, 4,35%. cesarean section, 3.66%. rate of vaginal birth after c section -2.55%. nasocomical infections, 3.07% and x-ray discrepancies, 0.06%. On the other hand, a negative trend in data with regard to patient satisfaction measure has been observed from the first quarter to the second quarter. Overall service has declined by 19.78%, overall clinical 15.90%, overall quality of service, food positively improved by 1.98% while overall cleanliness declined by 2.63 %. It is suggested that a fine balance between quality performance measure and patient satisfaction should be created rather than focusing on one aspect alone like quality performance as is the case now.

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Quality performance measure in health sciences and medicine.
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2. It seems the CEO has not properly carried out her responsibility for educating the board. The board should have been in a position to satisfy the needs of the patients while at the same time upholding high standard performance measures if they have adequate knowledge about the new changes being implemented within the clinical set-up. With proper knowledge, at least positive results should be noticed in all sectors of the healthcare system after the implementation of the new changes.

3. It is recommended that human resources development through learning should be implemented in various departments of the healthcare institution. According to Robbins (1993), learning promotes the development of knowledge that in turn can improve the performance of the employees. Through learning, the employees can also share their ideas with others members and this can help them to improve their performance. This strategy will also help the employees to pull their efforts towards the same direction for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

4. The quality data that should be reported and utilized by this board of directors is related to employee satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction. These are the two major indicators that show that the organization operating within the right direction to fulfill its mandate. Essentially, an organization that is committed about its success should ensure that its interests as well as those of the employees are satisfied (Jackson and Schuler, 2010). This will go a long way in ensuring that the goals of the organization are attained.

5. Given the administration’s style and leadership approach, I think the minutes of the board meeting do not reflect the board meeting discussions. There are pertinent issues that were raised by the other members but the responses are not clearly elaborated in the minutes. Instead, the chair called for approval of the report. This shows that the leadership style used is authoritative and cannot be questioned by the subordinates since it is the prerogative of the CEO to make final decisions that affect the operations of the organization.


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