Read 2 articles and write 3-4 pages essay about gun control


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Read 2 articles and write 3-4 pages essay about gun control
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Gun control is frequently raised as an important issue following high-profile, mass attacks such as the Newtown, CT grade school massacre where 20 children and six staff persons were slain, the Charleston, SC, tragedy where a white man opened fire in a historic black church, killing nine people, including a pastor, during a prayer meeting, when 14 people were killed and 21 injured in a mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA, and most recently in Los Vegas where 58/59 people were killed and over 500 injured during an outdoor concert at a major hotel. Another approach suggested in response to these events includes legalizing teachers, church members, and others to carry firearms during the course of their school day, work day, or worship service. I’d like you to give some thought to both topics: new gun control legislation and authorizing people to have/carry guns at work, school, or other activities. Then….BEFORE READING THE TWO DOCUMENTS THAT ARE PART OF THIS CASE STUDY…..

1. Take a page (or more) to describe your attitudes/opinions toward these two ideas. Do you support the ideas? Why or why not?

2. Now read the two articles included under this case study. Give these ideas some thought.

3. Finally take two pages (or more) to describe how your opinions may have changed and why. If you have no change of opinion, then please give reasons why not and include information to support your position.

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