Reduce crime rate

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The crime rate has been increasing in the societies for many years, and it has come to pose considerable threat for people in the recent years. The governments have faced a numerous difficulties in controlling crimes and criminals who commit them. Because of this, the need to find a solution for these crimes has become more important than ever. Led by this need, the entire world has been considering methods and possible solutions in order to decrease crime rates, to restrain criminals and murderers, and implement preventive measures for potential violations of laws. Many efficient procedures were developed and implemented in reducing crime rates. Most of these procedures were ethical, and the other solutions foresaw physical punishment. Crime rate can be, first of all, reduced with help of gun control, mandatory sentencing, and increase in numbers of police workers, – these are all constituents of the efficient crime control policy.

The first step on the way to minimization of crime rates in society – and a very effective one – is elaborate and well-developed gun control legislation. This is especially important as uncontrolled gun possession might lead to grave consequences: guns might be used to kill other individuals for various reasons and purposes. People could commit murders in the fit of anger or for their personal benefit. In addition, the guns are used by the individuals in order to make the personal benefits such as having money or stealing a car. Very often, people with bad social background use guns to threat other individuals and extort money from them. If a victim has no gun or other weapon in his or her possession, it will be impossible to protect him/herself and defend his/her rights. Authorities should implement compulsory and thorough inspections for people who want to buy weapon.

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 Reduce crime rate
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