Reflective Writing

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Reflective Writing. Reflection upon the event This was my first interview as a nurse and I was very nervous and at the same time excited. Being the first profession-oriented interview of my life, outcome of this interview meant a lot to me. I knew that if I did well in the interview, it would fill the confidence in me that I require at the first step of my professional life. Also, if I did badly, I knew that would shatter my confidence and I would be doubtful of my skills when I actually appeared in the interviews later. I didn’t want that to happen. So I prepared for my interview well. In order to refresh the knowledge of the AMNC competency and MNH Graduate Abilities in my mind, I started reading the course material one full week before the interview. At the time the interview was about to commence, my heart was pounding fast. I wanted to get control over my heart-beat, but that was beyond my control. I was slightly pale and was also slightly shivering. My hands and feet had become cold and I was rubbing my palms against each other in order to warm up a bit. In order to control my nervousness, I was taking deep breaths. The good about the experience was that it allowed me to have an insight into my performance as an interviewee. Having acquainted myself with the right professional nursing skills is only part of the game. My presentation of myself and performance at the interview is something intrinsically linked with my personality, and having a sound personality is valued a lot by the interviewers. This interview enabled me to find out how good I am at that and the potential areas I need to work upon in order to further improve my performance as an interviewee. I don’t think there was anything bad about this experience. It was an exercise supposedly quite beneficial for a nurse who is just starting his/her career. I conducted a little research about ways to sound and look confident in an interview. I dressed nicely, wearing sober colors. I was in a well-pressed business attire. I had used a mint mouth-wash five minutes before the interview in order to feel fresh from inside. I took long and deep breaths in order to regulate the stress and rubbed my palms against each other to warm them up. I wished everybody a good-morning after entering the room and occupied a seat with due permission of the interviewing committee. I looked at the interviewer in the eyes and answered in a moderate tone. I think my strategies went fairly well. I had practiced all this at my home a couple of times before the interview day. The act of rubbing my palms, taking deep breaths and using mouth-wash before the start of the interview made me achieve a control over myself. My act of wishing the interviewing committee and taking permission before sitting impressed upon the committee that I am well-mannered. By looking the interviewer in the eye, I made the interviewer feel that I was taking him/her seriously and also that I was confident. Controlling my tone added to the good impression I had had on the interviewing committee to make it even nicer. During the interview, I was asked what I would decide in a particular clinical situation they put in front of me. They wanted me to demonstrate my ethical decision making competency. They asked me what would I reply to a patient who is being unnecessarily rude to me. They wanted to check my patience and emotional intelligence.

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