REFUGEE LAW AND PROTECTED PERSON in Canada. Refugee Law and Protected Persons in Canada on Refugee Law and Protected Person in Canada Mladen is an exemplary example of people who are still living in fear in their own nations. The right to live, freedom of association among other fundamental human rights have been abused. For over forty years, he remains in fear and has no hope for his family. As a nation, that value these inherent rights and our Canadian constitutional provision are certainly is remaining hope. There is no doubt that ethnic cleansing against the Serbians has characterized independent Croatia. Our constitution provides specific component that should form the basis of the bench decision.

Firstly, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada together with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides for protection when a person cannot live permanently without fear of persecution (Canadians, 2010). In assessing gravity of Serbians in Croatia, we find that the client meet this constitutional provision. In assessing magnitude of torture and persecution in Croatia, it will be prudent to examine Croatia and “Ethnic Cleansing” ( In this article, it details how hundreds of thousands of Serbian became victim of genocide. As early as 1941, 750,000 defenseless Serbs were killed in cold blood (Daiute & Turniski, 2005). UNHCR report blames political rivalry during these early phases of anti-Serbian campaigns (,,,,HRV,,553f617f4,0.html).

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In the recent past, the Croatian captured media attention when Whistle blower Chris Hedges came out to highlight plight of Serbians in 1998. The International Criminal Court (ICC) implicated Defense Minister Gojko Susak for the senseless killings of Serbians ( More recently, the cry to end tribulations of the Serbian population continues to grow. Many young and old are living in fear. Roman Catholic Church, the majority rising against Orthodox mainly the Serbians is evident ( The report further is supported by the ICC decision that found guilty Anto Gotovina and Mlade Markac of commanding operations to kill the Serbian civilians.


It is our submission that the client represent many Serbians suffering in Croatia. The court should grant him refugee status to secure his family from ruthless Croatian government.


Canadians, S. (2010). Immigration in Canada. The Economist, 9–10.

Daiute, C., & Turniski, M. (2005). Young people’s stories of conflict and development in Post-war Croatia. Narrative Inquiry.,,,,HRV,,553f617f4,0.html

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