Relationship between Business Architecture and Innovation.

 Relationship between Business Architecture and Innovation. As the paper outlines the most familiar tactics include application of innovation through the potential use of advanced technology and maximum allocation of limited resources. However, firms or certain organizations are constantly faced with challenges that involved their customers, employees, suppliers, and various stakeholders. In other words, to effectively instigate competitive advantage, a certain firm aiming to reach its innovative edge needs to establish a secure relationship with its stakeholders and apply substantial strategies. In this paper, the proponent tries to analyse the relationship between business architecture and innovation. Furthermore, the role of business architecture in sustaining competitive advantage is included in the discussion. In order to have abounding knowledge of this issue, a certain case is included. The issue that innovation cannot be sustained without architecture in relation to Kodak is integrated in this essay.

From this paper it is clear that the business architecture is structured within the bound of strategy, organization, technology, operations and leadership. All of these elements are interconnected with the customers, employees, suppliers and various stakeholders who are important agents of change within the industry. Thus, both of business’s external and internal environments are momentarily transforming from time to time. This is due to the fact that many organisations today are able to create a need for their various products and service offerings using their own best possible ways. In fact, modern marketing points out the fact that organisations create a need for their various product and service offerings.

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Relationship between Business Architecture and Innovation.
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