Research design and procedure.

 The creditors take advantage of the urgency and importance of the credit to the borrowers and charge them high-interest rates without considering that they are short term credit. The lenders need to be fair enough to at least charge fair interests since it is a short-term credit. The short term credit facilities are implemented at a national level hence it is not easy for the consumers to run away from this problem (Lieberthal & Oksenberg, 1988, p.13). Therefore, it is the responsibility of the consumers ‘ association to try to convince the national government to reexamine the issue so that the consumers do not incur such huge costs when they credit itself is going to be refunded within a short period. The report begins by showing the background of the policy. Later on, it would show relevant policy theories that would help in understanding the nature of the policy to and give the guiding actions that should be taken to support the changes.

High cost and short term credit legislation have been a growing controversial issue in China among the many consumer groups. There are lenders who give out small cash in the form of a credit to the borrowers to enable them to start a business, revamp the collapsed business, to pay bills, buy homes and many other emergencies. However, these lenders offer these credit facilities at a much higher cost in terms of interest rate(Lieberthal & Oksenberg, 1988, p.15). The consumers feel that they are very much vulnerable to these exploiters because the policies touching on this issue do not provide enough cover to shield them from this exploitation (Hutchens, 2013). Many reforms have been done in this area, but it seems there are still some loopholes that allow the lenders to prey on the borrowers. One of the recent reforms that have been enacted by the China government is that there is a requirement for all short-term creditors to seek a license from the government authorities before operating such a business.

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Research design and procedure.
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