RESEARCH PROPOSAL. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Therefore, the need of today is to explore the importance of restructuring the administrative procedures in terms of improved policies and legislation in improving the performance of public school teachers and students.

For this research study, the aim is to explore the role of improved administrative policies and legislation in improving the performance and motivation levels of public school teachers and students. The administrative procedures to be studied in the research include pay for performance, student services, and interactive learning environment. The researcher will also study the current policies and legislation which govern the working of public schools. The researcher will study the factors in detail in order to come up with justified and evidence-supported conclusions, as well as to provide feasible recommendations to the administrative authorities of public schools.

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Administrative procedures play a considerable role in improving the performance of public sector schools. Some administrative procedures, such as, implementation of pay for performance program, student services, and improvement in the learning environment are critical for bringing improvement in the performance of both teachers and students of public schools. Pay for performance programs are directly linked with the performance of teachers. Teachers like to be a permanent part of such schools, which value their efforts by implementing appropriate compensation and benefits packages for their employees (Lavy, 2007).

Student services, such as, sports training, practical work training, and provision of extracurricular facilities also play a significant role in improving students’ performances (Griffith, 1996). Generally, such services are not paid the due amount of attention because of which most of the parents prefer to choose private schools for the schooling of their children.

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