Resource: university of phoenix material: sdlc final project and


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Resource: university of phoenix material: sdlc final project and
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Project Scope and Goals

It is important to set up a clear and easy to understand outline of the project’s objectives and goals. By setting up a project scope, this can be easily managed as team members, senior management and stakeholders will all be clear on what the project entails as well as what is expected to happen during the duration of the project. Currently, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital has the following in place for patients: A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Information System, where the patients can interact with the hospital via the Internet. Recommendations, comments, and complaints can all be done via the CRM and are tracked. Patient satisfaction reports are tracked and given to senior managers by having the CRM. They also have a Knowledge Management (KM) Information System in place that helps doctors and nurses access online medical databases to help patients with drug administration and diagnosis. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital would like to add a Patient Management System to their current patient systems to enhance the patient overall experience. They would like to have their current patient management system evaluated for possible developments to be able to track patient check-ins, appointments, and surgeries. They would like for the patients to have a more unified experience at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital would like for us to create documentation on how to put this patient management system in place. 

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