Rights of workers

Gonos, in his article entitled “Never a Fee!” explained the historical experience of the effects and consequences of the staffing industry to the real welfare of workers, stating that the few laws existing and the deregulation of the staffing business has further undermined the “workers’ ability to gain self-sufficiency” (Gonos, 2000-01). A further analysis of secret fees charged should therefore be made in order that appropriate policy changes for the protection of workers.

The union organizing policy presented in the article entitled “Never a Fee!” written by George Gonos, which I think should be changed is their reliance on establishing a “national code of conduct” which appeals on all the staffing agencies concerned to make available to workers the information regarding the rate which client employers pay workers (Ziegler, 1999). This policy merely encourages and urges the staffing agencies and do not really oblige or mandate that the “hidden fees” or rates in employment contracts be revealed. Instead of lobbying for a legislation that would truly examine and delve into the fees that are charged especially on temporary and contract workers by either the client firms or staffing industries or both, they have merely settled on having such a national code of conduct (Gonos, 2000-01). The group pushing for this code of conduct consists of groups representing contingent workers and represent other diverse interests such as workers in the construction business, workers belonging to labor unions, professionals belonging to the high-tech industries, graduate assistants from various universities, and some undocumented immigrants (Community Partners, 2009).&nbsp.

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 Rights of workers
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