Role of shoes in making style.

My favorite piece of clothing is shoes. No matter what kind of a dress you have on, expensive, stylish and elegant shoes set the tone! Women are focused on shoes. They are interested in different shapes of shoes, colors, height of heels etc. High-heel shoes are a dream of every woman and of course, it is the most reliable weapon. Men are losing their conscience, when they look at a woman on the high heels. I think that shoes are a perfect means of communication mediation and reaching one’s goals. Of course, shoes can be too tight or clumsy, but the game is worth the candles. Women sacrifice their comfort in the name of posh beauty. Ballet flats are also very interesting nowadays. These shoes are the trendiest, because a modern woman on her way to success is always in a hurry and that is why she needs convenient shoes! This piece of clothing reflects my mood, intentions, future actions etc. For example, if I am depressed or in a hurry, I can wear flats or sports shoes. In case I have a playful mood, I am ready to wear high heeled shoes. My cheerful mood will be supported by colorful shoes and if I am downhearted, my bad mood will make me wear flats or black shoes. There is a great variety of materials, from which shoes are made nowadays. Leather, chamois or even a simple cloth can make my daily life perfect, because my shoes are always made from high-quality materials. If they are too tight or inconvenient, then watch out, because my mood will be spoiled for sure! Shoes are both triggers of joy and sorrow. everything depends on their quality and my mood. There is no other piece of clothing, which will be so much related to my mood, appearance and behavior.

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 Role of shoes in making style.
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