Running Head: Role of Media Advertising in Age groups

Write a 1 page paper on media of age group. Running Head: Role of Media Advertising in Age groups Which Media do you think are suitable for advertising to age groups?

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Running Head: Role of Media Advertising in Age groups
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As we know that now a days companies are adopting social media as a marketing tool, but they are contending to find effective metrics. When a survey conducted to know that is social media are valuable tool for communication strategy, the result were 57% people said that media tools are becoming more valuable, 27% said that media is the core element of their communication strategy, only few were disagree with the above statement.

Awareness and engagement factors are quoted in front of hard metrics. Social media is sensed to be more effective when targeted at younger age group of between 18 to 24 as opposed to 55+ age group. Social media is now more suitable for advertising for age group of 18-24, because young adults spend their time on surfing internet. The site also make easy to promote ads as compare to newspaper through Twitter and Facebook. In future, it can be easy yet powerful way for an organizational to produce and dispense a social newsletter on the fly. Now a day’s journalism is taking a beating during this downswing.

Interwoven throughout our daily lives, media intimate their messages into our consciousness at every turn. The power of pro social programming can be so strong, Livingstone ads, that even fierce content when portrayed realistically and in the context of outcomes, it can be beneficial. Websites and Email are far and away should be the highest-priority marketing tactics for small businesses. By a survey younger age group, 92% said websites and social media are among their most important tools, with 85% also putting media in that category.


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