Safety behaviour

 safety behaviour. is an example of a good market leader (Khanh, 2011). The modern business environment does not allow application of piecemeal improvements. Companies do not have any route to success apart from undergoing performance transformations to attain and maintain a top status. Most literature covers ways of implementing transformations without considering the role of leadership in the same.There is no single model that explains the role of leadership in the car manufacturing industry. Hill and Jones, for instance, focus on what is known as cost leadership and technology as part of strategic management in the manufacturing industry (2007). Furthermore, the precise nature of the role of the Chief Executive sitting at the helm of leadershipdepends on various things among them urgency, magnitude, and the form of transformation under implementation.

Other factors that influence the nature of the role of the Chief Executive in the car manufacturing industry are failures and potential of the business organization within the auto industry, as well as the personality of the leader. References can be made to previously dominant companies such as the Ford Motor Corporation (Great Britain, 2007). In spite of the variations identified, researchers concur that four common important functions cut across the board and defy the differences necessary for any leadership to remain successful in the auto industry. Each person has a role to play in transformational performance.However, the role of the person sitting at the helm of leadership appears unique in many aspects as much as it shares other features with others within the leadership hierarchy. This is because the Chief Executive occupies the topmost part of the pyramid while other members take the cue from him downwards. If top leadership in the company gives lip service, the same will apply to the rest of leaders in the hierarchy.

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Safety behaviour
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