Sam 322 unit 3.

Sam 322 Unit 3 Sam 322 Unit 3 The emergence of sub-disciplines served as a catalyst for the growth of physical education, exercise science, and modern sporting. The growth of the fitness campaign and participation in physical activity is one of these sub-disciplines. The move from performance to health-oriented fitness to highlight reasonable-intensity bodily activity is another recent sub-discipline. The recognition of physical dormancy caused by sedentary lifestyles as a chief health issue is a third sub-discipline that fostered the growth of exercise science and physical education (Wuest and Fisette, 2012). Illness prevention and health encouragement campaigns are another recent event that catalyzed the growth of modern sporting. Examples of these campaigns are Healthy People, Objectives for the Nation, Healthy People 2010, and the annual Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health (Wuest and Fisette, 2012).

A third recent event is the enactment of laws that encourage opportunities for both genders and disabled individuals to participate in sports and exercise science. Federal laws such as the PL 93-122 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and PL 101-336 Americans with Disabilities Act have fostered the expansion of physical education and sports today by altering the administration of inter-college sporting competitions and challenging Title IX. Since the approval of this title, active modifications in physical education lessons have been quick and efficient (Wuest and Fisette, 2012). Lastly, the revival and commercialization of the Olympics are recent events that significantly contributed to the growth of physical education. Since its revival in 1896, the Olympics have been highly politicized and commercialized to include contemporary and conventional sporting activities. Recently, the characteristics of amateur sports have evolved in the Olympics along with quick and efficient solutions for fairness issues (Wuest and Fisette, 2012).

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Wuest, D. A., & Fisette, J. L. (2012). Foundations of physical education, exercise science, and sport (17th Ed). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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