School safety and security


Safety and security are two vital features that enhance the learning process in a school set up. As such, the school administration must have an effective crisis plan to help handle either a security or safety breech in a school. Such plans should strive to protect the safety and security of the teachers, students and parents involved in such life threatening circumstances. Additionally, addressing security and safety issues in schools requires the participation of various stakeholders with the view to developing an effective plan of action, one that protects the interests of both the learners and the safety of the other stakeholders involved. During a normal school hour for example, a crisis management requires the input of the principle, security officers, counselors and the society’s security managers.

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School safety and security
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The case at Central Park High School requires effective crisis management in order to protect both Brian’s family and the disturbed Carl Turner who appears disturbed. As the principal, I would consider Turner’s records of fighting as relevant in managing the case. The history of a student provides adequate information on both his mindset and behaviors. This way, it becomes possible to take the necessary precautions thus protecting Brian and his family from any possible threat that Turner presents.

Turner’s absence from the fourth lesson while he was in class for the last three lessons portrays ineffective management of the school. The school lacks an effective system of tracking the students and their actions at any given time during the day. This creates a chance for Turner to sneak out of class. Despite such, Turner’s absence from class influence the decisions on the case since it implies that Turner is free to do whatever he pleases. As such, the principle must contact all the parties involved in case thus minimize the threat.

As the principle, I would guarantee the safety of Brian and his sister especially when they are in school. Additionally, I would ensure that I find Turner. This may require the involving the police especially after confirming his absence from the school premises. In doing these, I would involve the various stakeholders as principal Milhoviak does. The security guard has a history of working with the city’s security system. As such, he understands the threat the case presents and the way the police should handle the whole case. As such, I would implement his suggestion since this will assure the safety and security of the parents. Contacting the police immediately would be prudent since the police would find Brian’s parents and inform them on the development thus safeguarding their security.

In retrospect, creating safe and secure school environments is a policy issue that requires the participation of various stakeholders (National crime prevention council, 2003 page# 19, lines# 3-7). Middleton is a cosmopolitan society that requires effective management in order to develop a cohesive society. The school requires effective counselors to help the students overcome their psychological challenges. Curl Turner’s case is an example of a child with psychological challenges thus requires effective guidance and counselling. Without effective counselling, such students as Turner became harmful both to themselves and to other people within the society. Principal Milhoviak should therefore adopt a friendly system of managing the students instead of being harsh especially with bused students as has been the case.


National crime prevention council. (2003). School safety and security tool kit: A guide forparents, schools and communities. Washington DC: Allstate Foundation.

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