Securing Windows and Unix/Linux Servers.

Such data may relate to identity, property, and credit information. Securing the systems is also important in ensuring their operational efficiency because of attacks slow performance of the servers (Nahari & Krutz, 2011). Attacks on computer servers can also lead to crashing of the servers that may develop setbacks to the company and secure the servers prevents this.

One of the measures for securing a network server is through addressing physical security. Although network administrators often overlook it, physical security of network servers should always be addressed just like other security issues. One should assess people who have access to the servers because some of such people may not be trustworthy. People with access to the servers must be trustworthy. otherwise, servers should be placed in a closed room (Shelly & Vermaat, 2010). This may however not be efficient and concealing a system’s display when a user is leaving the machine is necessary.

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Securing Windows and Unix/Linux Servers.
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Strong passwords are vital in maintaining the security of network servers and are ones that are hard to guess. Among the aspects of a password that increases its strength are the number of characters that make up the password and the randomness with which the characters making the password have been chosen. Variety of the characters also determines the strength of the password. It is, therefore, important to advise users to come up with strong passwords. In some cases, it is vital that network server administrators install password policies that ensure all passwords used in their networks meet a set of standards (Shelly & Vermaat, 2010). These standards may include having a mixture of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

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