Service experience diary report (restaurant)- a.

a. Through such an analysis, the researcher provides a list of recommendations for improvement of the business scope and activity for Diner’s Eden.

I am a 25 year old man who has had post graduate education. I seek high quality dining experience and am primarily health conscious. I live in Manchester city in United Kingdom, which is renowned for its sporting interests and hence, health consciousness.

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Service experience diary report (restaurant)- a.
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Before eating at the restaurant, I was looking for a fine dining experience and wished to have a continental dinner with authentic cuisine. Although my cuisine preference for the dinner would have been Japanese, I was also willing to look into other Asian preparations. Along with fine dining, I desired for live entertainment at the restaurant, which would help me relax after a long and tiring day at work. Price was not an issue and I was willing to drive for about 60 minutes to arrive at the restaurant of my choice. I looked over the internet and found out that there was a new and upcoming restaurant right in the heart of the city, close to the university area, which was serving Asian preparations. It also had live entertainment facility. Since both my primary objectives had been fulfilled, I chose the restaurant by the name of Diner’s Eden and prepared to visit for the evening.

As I entered the restaurant, the red interiors were quite relaxing and the aroma of spices was indeed refreshing. Overall opinion regarding first look of the restaurant was indeed impressive. The waiters were uniformed and dressed in traditional Thai, Chinese and Indian attires separately for each section. The interiors were a mix of Indian, Chinese and Thai cultures with decorative and wall arts, depicting the three different nations. The seating arrangements were a little cluttered as they tried to fit in a large number of people at the dining space.

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