Service facility and process flow

 The multi-stage process is described as followed:

The process flow shows the pattern done at The Body Shop stores to achieve maximum service for their customers. Based from the stages above, it can be analyzed that the personal attention approach is applied (McGraw-Hill 7-18. Print).

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Service facility and process flow
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As the observer who has visited The Body Shop stores, it can be concluded that they have basic service standards. I have observed more than five of The Body Shop stores, and I got amazed that the service they provide has been impactful and great. In quiet and crowded situations, The Body Shop staffs always perform their best. Purely based on my observations, I made several guiding principles. they are:

Once, I went to one of The Body Shop stores on weekend and there were many customers inside. Even though the staffs seemed about to help me soon after giving service to customers who had done shopping, I did not actually intend to have personal attention from them. On the other hand, The Body Shop visual merchandising concept helped me to find the exact location of the product that I was looking for. So, I think their visual merchandising is one of the guiding principles that totally works for customers.

As a customer, what makes me interested to spend even a little time to visit The Body Shop is because of the attraction. Once every several weeks, I always find that they change their window poster. The window poster can actually be the customer`s guidance to know what is new. The window poster is also functioned as attraction to make customers to go inside and they will be welcomed by the promotional offers exactly at the first table near the entrance. Their property supports the service facility purpose to apply good guiding principle.

If I visit common stores, there is a tendency to find just ordinary sales assistant who helps us to mention the price tag. while The Body Shop Staffs are totally different.

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